Upcoming Camps 2019

                   Easter Camp - 15th-26th                    of  April

                     Summer Camp – July and                          August 2019


        DANCE & ART CAMP

For Children aged  5 – 12

 We are sure that every person is creative. Creativity is within us, and it is revealed when you are doing what you like. To know whether you like it or not – you need to try a new activity. The concept of our camp is: “Try Something New”.


  • dance: classical ballet, hip-hop, popping, modern dance
  • arts and crafts: experimenting with colours, techniques and materials
  • drama: motion and voice projection games

Also included:

  • Outings to parks and playgrounds in the centre of Dublin
  • Dance show and photo shoot in dance costumes

The camp will run from 10 to 3 pm. We also offer pre- and post- camp care (from 9 to 4pm) to accommodate the needs of the working parents. Low camper to teacher ratio ensures attention, care and support given to your children every time they need it. All breaks are fully supervised by two or three teachers.


110 Euro per working week (5 days) – from 10 to 3 pm (100 to members)*

130 Euro per working week (5 days) – from 9 to 3 pm (120 to members)

130 Euro per working week (5 days) – from 10 to 4 pm (120 to members)

150 Euro per working week (5 days) – from 9 to 4 pm (140 to members)

10% discount for the second child from the same family – or 10% for each child (if they are 3 or more)

*those who attend our classes and/or have been in our camp before

Also available:

1 – 2 days  – 25 euro per day (10 – 3), 30 (9 – 3 or 10 – 4), 35 (9 – 4)

3 days – 70 euro (10 – 3), 85 (9 – 3 or 10 – 4), 100 (9 – 4)

Half a day – 2 lessons: 15 euro

One lesson – 10 euro



In our work we adhere to Irish child protection standards, as outlined in ‘Children First’ -National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children.

Our child protection mission is to:

 Ensure ‘child safe’ and creative space – internally and externally – where children are respected, protected empowered and active in their own protection, and where staff are skilled, confident, competent and well supported in meeting their protection responsibilities through clear policies, procedures and good practice.

The nature of our work means we hold details of children and their families. We are solely responsible for ensuring that the information is not abused and is used for the intended purpose. All information and images are held securely, databases are password protected. Permission is always obtained for these images and information.




Welcome to MyArt Dance & Art School! We offer a wide range of dance and art classes for adults and children of all ages in Dublin city centre!

MyArt Gift Vouchers

MyArt Gift Voucher

Looking for a perfect present? A Gift Card for any of our Dance or Art Classes is a brilliant idea of a gift! Give your dearest ones the opportunity of self-discovery, new emotions, new experiences, lots of fun!
Free postage, different designs available. *Gift vouchers are valid for 3 months from the day of purchase.

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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
― Pablo Picasso

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”
― Martha Graham


>> Classical Ballet
>> Modern Dance
>> Hip-Hop
>> Popping
>> Yoga
>> Wedding Dance Lessons
>> Private Dance Lessons
>> Children's Art Classes
>> Art For Beginners
>> Painting
>> Drawing
>> Teenagers’ Art Classes
>> Portfolio Art Classes
>> Private Art Classes
>> Languages: French, Italian, English, Russian (all levels)


City House, Newmarket, Dublin 8
087 7099401