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ART opens numerous opportunities for aesthetic education intellectual development. It plays an important role in shaping various facets of personality.  Art is especially important for the development of creative independence, imagination and activity. We have our own ways to creative development. Therefore, individual approach acquires a special meaning in our art classes. We respect everyone’s peculiarities and dispositions.

Art Classes Payment Options and Prices

Drop in:

€12 (1 hour class for children aged 4-6)

€15 (1.5 hour quilling and 2 hour art class for juniors aged 7-12)

€20 (2 hour class for teenagers (12+) and adults)

One month membership – 4 art classes including 5€ for art materials:

€40 (1 hour art classes for children aged 4-6)

€50 (1.5 hour quilling classes for juniors aged 7-12)

€55 (2 hour art classes for juniors aged 7-12)

€65 (2 hour art classes for teenagers and adults)

Two month membership – 4 art classes (valid for 2 months including 5€ for art materials – you can extend the 4 classes for 2 months):

€45 (for children aged 4-6)

€55 (1.5 hour quilling for juniors aged 7-12)

€60 (2 hour art classes for juniors aged 7-12)

€70 (2 hour art classes for teenagers and adults)

A course – 12 art classes (three months):

€195 (adults)

Payment Options: cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Please note that the payment for 4 lessons (one month membership) and 12 lessons is not transferred if classes are missed.

Materials for Art Classes: we provide materials for children for which we kindly ask parents to contribute 5 Euro monthly.

Adults are responsible for having their own materials as advised by the teacher.

List of Materials for Adults


Pencils 2B, 4B, 6B Faber Castell, eraser, paper for drawing

Painting: acrylic

A pack of 12 or 24 colours of acrylic colour tube – the recommended brands are Reeves or Dawler Rawney

An A3 notebook entitled For Painting in Acrylic

A couple of different size brushes for painting in acrylic

Painting: oil

A pack of 12 or 24 colours of oil colours tubes – the recommended brands are Reeves or Dawler Rawney

Or Winston and Newton starting at 6 Euro/ colour tube

Clarified or Purified Linseed Oil

A couple of different size brushes (they can be the ones used for acrylic painting as they are softer).

A canvas or a canvas board or a notebook entitled: For Painting in Oil).

Note: Art materials may be obtained at K&M Evans shop (off Capel Street, Dublin 1) or Eason.

Art Classes for Adults 
Art Classes at MyArt School are highly individualised.   They are suitable for various levels of students’ mastery.
 Students practise both, drawing and painting, in one and the same class depending on their choice.
The teacher consults each student individually starting from their level.
Groups are small, so that the teacher could equally share the time guiding each student towards the realisation
of the artworks of their choice.  Such an approach is beneficial for all the students as they learn from both the teacher’s recommendations given to them and to other students.
The teacher takes an academic approach in consulting her art students, being consistent and systematic in their artistic  skills’ development.
Thus, each student who chooses to have a set of classes receives an individual art course.  However, our art classes also suit occasional drop ins.
The teacher is an M.A., a professional in teaching Art and a talented painter. The atmosphere is relaxing and sort of therapeutic with inspirational soft music playing in the background.
The students feel comfortable working in their own tempo. Private classes are also available.
The students need to bring their art materials for painting or drawing depending on what they decide to do. The list of materials is given on our website.
A class is 2 hours long. The prices are: 20 Euro drop in or 65 Euro for 4 classes. The classes should be booked online, Gift vouchers may be purchased as well – online or .at school.
If you have any questions about the course, please don’t hesitate to ask by phone or e-mail: 0877099401 04


Unleash Your Child’s Creativity! What happens when a child with an active imagination learns the real fundamentals of fine art? Artistic miracles, and the child’s self-esteem literally soars. At the end of the course children will have got acquianted with basic principles of creating a shape, they will have learned the bases of chromatics, and volume depiction. They will also have got to know various genres of art and new techniques with the help of which they will have learned to depict their ideas on paper.


This fun and productive class is a place where your child can explore their creativity. Kids learn different techniques and work with various materials, such as paper maché, drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, paper craft, oil pastel or fabric art. Each class introduces a new theme, which vary according to season or individual students’ interests. Kids naturally love art, and it brings a lot of benefits like improving their motor skills, developing creative thinking, observing and describing, not to forget that art classes build self-confidence. View the artworks from this class here.


Open to any skill level, this art class is led in a fun and engaging way where kids can explore their creativity. Kids learn different techniques and work with various materials, such as paper maché, drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, paper craft, oil pastel, mosaic or creative projects using recycled materials. This class helps children to develop their skill and imaginative ideas through the investigation of various techniques and styles. They learn about color and basic fundamentals needed for any kind of art such as composition, perspective, volume, line & shape, pattern etc. Each class introduces a new theme or genre, which vary according to season or individual students’ interests. The class covers such genres as portrait, still life, landscape, abstract painting. Kids improve their abilities of planning, decision-making and thinking through guided instruction that also teaches them patience to follow through the process of creating an art work. View the artworks from this class here.


The Portfolio Course at MyArt is designed for those who consider entering the 3rdlevel Art & Design Institutions. The course is also suitable for teenagers interested in discovering their artistic potential and developing their artistic skills.The course meets the latest requirements of the Portfolio and Entering Briefs. To ensure this, the course teacher regularly visits the NCAD, IADT and DIT open days.The objectives of the course are: to learn how to construct projects from concept to completion, how to use research notebooks, develop ideas and how to create a relevant, personal, original and individual comprehensive Portfolio. A home study programme will be an integral part of the course.The course is based on the academic approach to the observational drawing and painting, and it provides students with the solid basis of knowledge and skills. The students will learn the rules of composition, perspective, proportions, chiaroscuro and shading as well as different techniques and media and genres of art.The students will have an opportunity to showcase their portfolios to the MyArt School art teachers’ team and get professional advice in the middle of the course. As a result, a student will have a chance to alter and improve their portfolio during the rest of the course.

The class is 2 hour long. €20 per class or €65 (one month membership – 4 art classes;€70 (two month membership – 4 art classes). Please note that the payment for 4 classes – one month membership (€65) is not transferred if classes are missed.However, it is possible to make up for a missed class by attending a class on a similar course on another day.

Also available: Private classes of painting, drawing, life drawing, sketchingTaught and untaught life drawing classes Creative Art Workshops for office workers’ teams and conferences

* Please, note that the current time-table is subject to changes. Due to the small number of students in groups, we reserve the right to cancel a class announced in the time-table if no regular students intend to come. Therefore, we would really appreciate it if new customers informed us of their intention to attend a class for the first time. Book by texting to 0877099401 or e-mail to

QUILLING for kids and juniors

Quilling is a paper art form that has a long history. The art of quilling, or coiling, paper has been around for centuries – from monks curling gold paper during the Renaissance, to young  ladies learning the art during the 19th century. Today, quilling is just as popular as ever. It’s called “quilling” because the paper would be rolled onto feathers.  Today we have lots of neat tools that can be used instead of feathers.  All you will need are the right quilling tools, a little patience, and some creativity. It is the art of taking thin strips of paper, of varying widths, and rolling, gluing and shaping them into different shapes and designs. You then take these little shapes and glue them together to create awesome quilled 2D or 3D masterpieces. Quilling is a super time consuming hobby, but awesomely relaxing, as well you will have a lot of wonderful hand-made presents for your friends.  You should definitely give it a try! Please, see Timetable for the time of the classes and book online. The cost of a drop in class is 15 Euro; 4 classes valid for one month – 50 Euro, 4 classes valid for two months – 55 Euro. The materials are provided.



Welcome to MyArt Dance & Art School! We offer a wide range of dance and art classes for adults and children of all ages in Dublin city centre!

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
― Pablo Picasso

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”
― Martha Graham


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