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Adult Ballet: Good for the Mind, Body, and Soul

by Bethany Leger

Author Elizabeth Gilbert once said, “a creative life is an amplified life.” Ballet is an art form that definitely has the power to educate and enrich a person’s life. While painters explore the world of color, and musicians yield to melody, dancers express themselves through movement. Not just an activity for little girls anymore, ballet classes for adults are cropping up everywhere. Consider three significant ways ballet can affect your life as an adult student.

1. Mind

Some adults prefer to practice crossword puzzles or watch educational programs to expand their minds. If this isn’t your cup of tea, participating in a ballet class may be just the right stimulation you’re looking for. Ballet is like beautiful math—students learn to formulate combinations, coordinate steps, and be quick on their toes (no pun intended). Ballet technique provides a unique challenge that requires students to pay close attention to instructions and develop problem-solving skills. Adult ballet can serve as a wonderful refresher course for former professionals or students returning from a hiatus. Even students who have little to no prior training are in for an exciting new venture all the same.

2. Body

Don’t let the pretty pink tights fool you—ballet isn’t easy. Ballet is a well-rounded, full-body workout that has many muscular and cardiovascular benefits. Using the barre for support and taking turns dancing across the floor, students learn to increase their flexibility, improve their balance and coordination, and develop greater core strength. Of course, adult ballet is designed with the mature body in mind; while students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and try new things, they are always welcome to modify steps, or skip certain movements altogether. If you tend to be self-conscious about your body or limitations, take heart. Adult ballet is a pressure-free zone that welcomes students of all shapes and abilities. 

3. Soul

It has been said by many professionals and novices alike that the simple act of placing your hand on the barre can make you feel beautiful. Yes, ballet is a very graceful art form that leaves you with a sense of poise and accomplishment. After all, it was originally performed in the royal court! In an age of increasing technology and distractions, adult ballet class transports students to a time of refinement; as classical music fills the studio, students have the opportunity to connect with their emotions and reflect on what’s truly important. Not to mention, students have a chance to meet and work alongside others that share their passion for dance. Regular exposure to these artistic influences and positive social dynamics makes adult ballet class good for the soul. 

Just as we need food and oxygen to live, we need the arts to nourish us as well. By taking the time to explore the creative aspects of life, such as by trying adult ballet, you will reap many mental, physical, and emotional benefits. So go ahead and take a leap (pun intended!) and sign up at MyArt Dance & Art School!

About the Author

Bethany Leger taught ballet for 7 years in Dallas, TX. She is the founder of Ballet For Adults, a site dedicated to educating adults about ballet at balletforadults.com

THE WINTER GARDEN BALLET – choreography by our dance teacher Veronika Sardiko

The venue is also available for rent for art, craft, music and language classesrehearsals, film making, photo shoots and kids’ birthday parties (art or dance workshops may be offered to entertain the kids)

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